Hi I'm Nia a twenty-something year old graduate of the University of Rochester and UX Designer by day / self taught artist by night, with a passion for all things creative. Although I was born in the Bay Area, CA and spent a sizable chunk of my life there, Rochester, NY is the place I call home. When not working, i'm most likely out exploring nature, or making something with my hands. I love to laugh, do yoga, and watch foreign films. In a few words i'd describe myself as a creative spirit with insubordinate tendencies; An auto-didact and occasional nomad. I do my best to approach everything with passion and authenticity.

The purpose of this blog is to share tips, and insight into my personal experience on living a creative, authentic, and inspired lifestyle.

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Here are some of my favorite posts & projects:

Getting Over a Creative Block
A Flying Fish I discuss some big life changes
Svadhyaya: Self(ie) Study  A look at my first artist book
Project 4: The ProcessA look into my creative process
What Is Photography? A reflection on what photography means to me
Chapter 3: In Transit A short narrative about my daily life

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