Sunday, April 9

Que Extraño

Que Extraño by Nia Perry
Que Extraño, Self Published, 2016

“Love is not about property, diamonds and gifts. It is about sharing your very self with the world around you.” P. Neruda

This book offers an intimate glimpse into the demise of my 10 year relationship, falling for someone and following that synchronicity, and partying for a weekend with a grammy winner.

Que Extraño is the first volume of what I hope to be many - chronicling my interactions with strangers that are ingrained with a sense of synchronicity, romance, and luck.

Nia means purpose in Swahili, and staying true to my namesake I am always searching from a deeper connection to my environment and the people around me. I believe in deep creativity, and am passionate about using my life experiences to create authentic works of art that resonate with you, dear reader.

Que Extraño by Nia Perry
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