Wednesday, November 9


I only fear I've woken up on the wrong side of reality.

My eyes were closed. You were here, and the sun must have been shining on my face. I know this because I felt it. Moments later the intense feeling of being dropped from one hundred feet shook me. The ground must have been running in a state of urgency to greet me with a cold hard embrace. I knew I was in a state of free fall because I felt it. My stomach wrapped in a million tiny knots. My butterfly heart.

But when my eyes flew open, I was lying flat on my bed; alone. The damp gray sky coming through the window. And while I could have felt panicked, I was shocked by this stricken sense of calm. Not so surprised by the fact that life has it's way of throwing unexpected curve balls. And the only thing to do in these moments is to release all fear, & all expectations I had yesterday. Always grateful to have another day, because it offers the potential to make sense of the chaos, and to dream myself out of this collective nightmare.
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