Sunday, March 27

Finding Creativity.

We did it! We finally moved out of that terrible apartment and are settling into our new place. I'll admit; The first week was strange. I would wake up in the middle of the night, and the silence would shock me to my core. I was so accustomed to hearing cars rattling our windows at all hours of the day (perks of living on the corner of a busy street!)- my body kept trying to wake up from this new (sur)reality.

How do you convince your mind that it's okay to relax into comfort when the past two decades have revolved around survival, and constant focus to improve your situation? I don't want to get so comfortable that I lose sight of what matters.

I'm learning how to have fun - the past few weeks I allowed myself to let go. I danced my butt off at a bar, went to a concert in toronto with an old friend, went on two road trips (bucket list - check!) But now - its time to get focused.

I have the quiet and space I need to meditate, think, and create without distractions.

I feel inspired to finally breathe some life back into this blog.

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