Sunday, March 15

Svadhyaya: Self(ie) Study

Get yourself a copy for $12
For this project, we were asked to take one selfie and create a book by manipulating the image. As I created the inital collages, I noticed themes of nature and spirituality emerging and decided to explore the theme of reconciling the “self” through nature, spirituality, and digital media. The pervasiveness of technology allows us to easily escape the present moment whenever we want. However spirituality and nature can also be forms of escapism depending on your perspective. I personally escape to nature and practices such as yoga & meditation when I need a break from technology. This isn’t to say that escapism is bad, but both spirituality and digital media encourage us to think about the questions “Who am I?” and “what is it that I'm trying to escape from and/or find?". An explanation of the title and poetry can be found on the last page of the book.

I began by creating collages using only digital tools. As the book progresses more hand drawn elements are integrated until my selfie is entirely made by me. Although I had a total of around 30 selfies, the 20+ pages were chosen because they gave continuity to the book in terms of image and poetry. During critiques a few people noted that the book felt very optimistic and positive, and I laughed because I realized that it reads almost like a personal manifesto. The theme and style of this little book are all very me at the current moment.

If you are interested it can be purchased in print for $12 here.

I definitely plan to self publish more artists books in the future. But I found this project to be a lot of fun, and learned a lot!

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