Monday, April 28

Project 4 / ?uestions

“If I have died and don’t know it
Of whom do I ask the time?”
P. Neruda, The Book of Questions

What happens when we die? Where do we go? What becomes of our identity and possessions? These are questions that we can never know while living. In our society we tend to view death as an irretrievable loss. However Pablo Neruda suggested in the question, “Will our life not be a tunnel between two vague clarities?” that death is a return to our original state. We are born into time, and in death are quietly excused from it.

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a closer look:

digital images and scans of their corresponding notes

presentation for critiques:

additional notes
When taking these photos i didn't intend to include this poem, but it seemed to fit the sentiments and imagery of the project. Also, the text in the notebook reads, "I regret these moments". This was the page it happened to fall on when i sat the book down. The pages in the installation were taken from this notebook.

References and Inspiration:
1 / Sophie Calle Installation , Take Care of Yourself
2 / Gas Leak by Ghost8800
3 / Pablo Neruda's El libro de las preguntas (The Book of Questions), translated by William O'Daly and published by Copper Canyon Press (Port Townsend WA) 2001.
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