Thursday, April 24

Project 4 / The Process

Part One : The Process
Initially, i had a completely different idea of what i wanted to do for this project. But last week the idea of death was weighing heavy on my mind. I started the semester investigating the question: What is photography? and came to the conclusion that both life and death are ingrained in the medium. So instead of sitting around posing unanswerable questions, i channelled my energy and confusion into a creative task.

What happens when we die? Where do we go? These questions instinctively prompt a barrage of other inquiries such as, Where did we come from anyway? What is identity? What is life? All of us might have a different answer to this. But I wanted to explore my interpretation in nature where these concepts are most evident.

I grabbed my bag filled with random things (including my notebook, a pen, and an alarm clock...),and headed out alone. I didn't plan anything, but instead experimented and allowed the photographs to form themselves. By the end of the process, my shoes were soaked and muddy, but my head felt so much lighter.

See the Finished Product: Project 4: ?uestions


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