Tuesday, March 11

Project 2 / Eyes of a Blue Dog. (B.E.D)

Artist Statement
"It was then that I remembered the usual thing, when I said to her: 'Eyes of a blue dog.' Without taking her hand off the lamp she said to me: 'That. We'll never forget that.' She left the orbit, sighing: 'Eyes of a blue dog. I've written it everywhere.'" G.Garcia Marquez

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that you were sure it was real? A brief moment of deja vu as you went through your daily motions (Or perhaps it was more along the lines of Jamais vu -- the almost but not quite recognition of a stranger)? Dreams are elusive like that, and still to this day we do not know why we dream.

But lets say it were possible to meet your soul-mate while you were asleep. When you opened your eyes would you disregard those moments as a product of REM sleep, or would you seek that person out amongst a world of strangers?

Whenever I read Eyes of a Blue Dog I start to wonder, What if we're all characters in someone else's dream? Who are the strangers in mine? And what would I do if I recognized them in reality?
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