Wednesday, February 26

Chapter 3: IN TRANSIT

i could not stop shivering. The wind was blowing, and the cold seeped through my layers with each additional moment i waited. Rigid as a stone. My whole body tensed and quivered independent of my control. We exchanged words - this woman whose name i'll never know - wondering out loud what luck had caused the bus to crash one stop before it had reached us. Had this ride been destined to be missed? Because upon departing thirty minutes prior, i'd realized that i had no bus fare.

Back-tracking set me back a few minutes, and for a split second as I reached for the door knob, i hesitated, wondering if i should catch a later bus and arrive to class tardy. So what was it that seized me as i ran those few blocks in the cold with a backpack and a heavy shoulder bag?

And how could i have known how much I would later regret that decision -- Arriving to class on time, but quivering uncontrollably as i tried to rid my bones of that incessant chill.

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