Friday, November 15


If it is in my power to be humble then let me be that. Regardless of the information i have, the greatest lesson i've learned this week is that i can't change anyone by offering what I know if they didn't ask. I have to instead set an example; fully live what i believe in and wait for the moment they pose a specific question or approach me open to an idea. Until then, i'll just try to understand their reasoning. Even when i'm aware of a solution, if a person isn't looking for it themselves then in most cases it's no use. I've been on the other side, and can understand how frustrating it is when others think they know your life better than you do. And maybe they have been in similar situations, but this is what makes life a greater adventure. Its the journey of discovering things for yourself, in your own time, in your own way. To know yourself you must slowly uncover your individual path, pinpoint your unique way of learning and integrate each lesson fully.

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