Tuesday, September 3


black yoga natural hair

if you find theres a lag in posts here, its because i'm completely absorbed in academics. I decided to take 5 courses this semester, instead of the usual 4, and upgraded one to upper level writing. I love staying busy, keeping my mind in the steady flow of life and the present moment. There's nothing more stimulating than learning new things, hearing other perspectives, and broadening your experience. The highlight of my classes so far has been taking yoga. I've wanted to take a yoga class for ages. I tried teaching myself, and using things like wii fit, but let me tell you, there is no comparison to an actual class (especially if you're a beginner!). Being surrounded by others is motivating because you push yourself a little harder to hold that pose, even if its killing your thighs and you feel like collapsing onto the mat. If i was at home i would have stopped 5 minutes in (just keeping it real!). I find that while we're stretching, chanting, or just breathing, I'm not thinking about the trivial things of day to day life, my mind for once is intensely focused on my body, a place where it rarely lingers. I've walked out of every class vibrating and feeling full of energy. I come home eager to practice what i've learned and i think it's safe to say i'm hooked.

In other news, i was also able to sign up for a digital arts class (finally!). Intrinsic Motivation is in full force this semester, and i've been sensing a major shift in myself and my mood. My anxieties have subsided as i push myself out of my comfort zone. I've also started a few daily rituals that force me to be creative on a very intimate, honest, and personal level. I don't know why i suddenly feel this shift (could it be the transformative powers of fall?) but i'm embracing it fully.

i really loved the colors and vibe of this photo. (about the film; not the most interesting plot, but the visuals were inspiring)
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