Friday, July 5


wallpaper for July


So i'm going to start with a disclaimer: sorry, this is not the best wallpaper ever. But i realized that i hadn't made one for july and in a rush found this doodle amongst a stack of scrap paper. It's simple and summery & I hope you like it anyway. Next months will be better. I had to convince myself to just be consistent while my mind was shouting "quality versus quantity". But that statement is the best excuse for a procrastinator, because you'll tell yourself, "I don't have the time/focus/patience/ (insertexcusehere) to do this today so its quality will be shit. i'm not even going to do it". In some cases its better to create a habit, the quality will come with consistency.

4th of July was good. Although i have to say i was a little confused as to why a person would say "thank you" in response to "happy fourth of july". its not a compliment! And lets be honest, i'm not all that patriotic to begin with; but fireworks are fucking magical. Like a thousand shooting stars exploding. I felt like a kid again, screaming at the top of my lungs during the finale because i thought my ears would burst. He's laughing because he said someone could have had a heart attack. & my best friend watches intently from the parking lot floor.

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