Sunday, June 30

001 / Creative Flow

night time sketch based off of Gustav Klimt's painting Danaƫ (one of my favorite artists)
the other day i had a moment in which i mourned the non-linear trajectory of my life. when i graduated from high school i was able to do one semester at school for design & art related endeavors, but then reality set in as i learned i wouldn't be able to afford it. I come from a low income family, my sister had just graduated from a university in san francisco, and my mom was struggling to pay her own college loans. Needless to say I was beyond upset as i watched my friends from high school progress forward in life, as i was plateauing. Nevertheless, i refused to let my creative spark die. in the 2.5 years i took off, i travelled, i immersed myself heavily in art history and drew as much as i could. I struggled internally and financially, i met all types of people (both crazy and sane). But for once i felt alive. I was buzzing.

And then in 2011 i was offered a full ride to a great university that i couldn't turn down. This was my chance, who knew if i would ever be able to afford school. & plus i wasn't going to let all the slaving away i did in IB go to waste. (shout out to anyone who reads my blog who was ever in the IB program, i swear its a tribe) So anyway, i accepted the scholarship. but the problem was / is, my school is research oriented, and not very artsy/creative. As my studies grew increasingly more academic / research based my sketch book and designs lay untouched, collecting dust in a corner.

Now summer has arrived and i have had all this dormant creative energy burst to the surface. I'm overwhelmed with ideas and a fervor to just make, just create. But i don't want this to fade, and i don't want my mind to combust from manic modes of creativity.

i cannot allow myself three months out of every year to give attention to my creative spirit. so i am challenging myself to draw/create more. once a week i will create a piece of art. Even if it's a shitty sketch. Anything is better than nothing. I have so much to learn, but i' won't get anywhere unless i put myself on some sort of regimented schedule. i know myself, i know what works for me. Luckily i am an autodidact, everything i know about art / graphic design thus far has been self taught. So i'm sure i can improve without the help of an institution. My goal is to complete a year of this, and have a place to chart my growth (and maybe creative blocks).

Why i draw ; I draw because it is my meditation. It is when i can forget myself entirely. I feel in sync with life, i feel good. When i am making art i become the point of contact between pencil and paper; where brush and canvas meet. i am the potential work of art or disaster.

what is your craft? (even if it is not art related) are you neglecting it? If anyone would like to join me on this quest for creativity, please let me know. maybe we can inspire and encourage one another.

you can leave a message here, or email me @ i want to hear from you !

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