Saturday, June 1

June WallPaper & Iphone Cases

Cute July wallpaper of yummy Citrus Fruits

1280 x 800 | 1024 x 748
Here is a free wallpaper for the month of june. i designed these citrus fruits one night, and decided to use them for something creative. &ALSO! i am now selling iphone cases, prints, and other things HERE. This shop is still very much a work in progress but i'm excited for it. I plan to add custom illustrations & prints and i'm hoping eventually i'll be able to open a shop of my own and lower some of the prices. However i am a college student who supports herself (in other words, funds are always tight over here) so until then, all purchases are greatly appreciated!

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Is there anything specific you would like to see available in the shop? Please let me know!

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