Tuesday, June 4

Chicago: The Lakyn & Nia adventures.

PART ONE My dad cooks us breakfast; Chorizo & eggs, Breakfast potatoes, and sausage. We leave right as it starts to pour down raining. Both of us have the shittiest umbrellas that flip inside out every 2 seconds. i'll try my best to remember Lakyns facial expression when her umbrella flipped outside of trader joes, and she just gave up. i was laughing so hard i almost peed on myself. We got drenched, meanwhile my dad is completely dry. I run to the top of a grass hill to do a cartwheel. I lose my phone somewhere in the process. Lakyn finds it. We dance in the park when everyone else sits still. We eat coffee ice cream, and drink wine. I make everyone watch inception with me. I try to record everything on my video camera, and realize it's going to take me forever to try to edit all this footage.

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