Friday, January 25


Nia Perry

My head is swarming with thoughts & conclusions. I could write my own book of absurd philosophies... Maybe i will one day. // Walking home with you, carrying groceries in the bitter cold made me realize all the things i'm grateful not to have. I'm glad we don't have cable, internet, a car & All those other things that allow a person to get far too comfortable and forget what it feels like to struggle and admire the realness, the grittiness of life. I looked up the word "without" in the thesaurus and one of the synonyms was "wanting". But less is more to me. Our culture tells us to be incessant consumers, wanting what we don't have and disregarding what we do. But i don't want anything more in this moment. I've settled into an odd wintery routine. I haven't done my hair in a week & i've worn the same Cal Berkeley sweatshirt for 5 days in a row without thinking twice about it. On the other hand, i definitely wish the bus stop was closer to our door so i wouldn't have to run so far only to realize i forgot my wallet at home.
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