Monday, January 21


minnetonka moccassins by Nia

{ Erik Satie - Trois Gymnopédies }

i'm still boycotting the internet with the exception of netflix, and my blog. Perhaps this should be an infinite boycott because my mind hasn't been this clear in ages. Currently back in NY, surrounded by the snow, & moody people, but knowing i've been in radiant places & i'm headed towards better things fuels my optimism. (along with classical music, latin american literature, & going through old archives of my photography). I'm almost 100% sure i'm going to declare my major as something i hadn't intended. & honestly that makes me insanely nervous, but i have this gut feeling that it's where i was intended to go. Looking over my course schedule leaves me with a subtle anxiety because i can't remember the last time i had an academic challenge. But I welcome it, i want to know i've worked hard and learned something that i couldn't teach myself.
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