Tuesday, December 11


shadow art
Experimenting with an indian ink set I bought for my boyfriend out of boredom. The photo i referenced was torn out of a library book, which is something i rarely ever do. But i needed to keep a memento from this incredible book to remind me how stunning black and white can be [ you can see a bit of the photo I'm talking about in the left hand corner above ]. I haven't created much this week, which is disappointing considering in my downtime i've been watching Season 1 of prison break. Anyway this little experiment made me realize once again that i'm intrigued by line, shadow and dichotomies in art. Which in turn reminded me of a poem i memorized by Paz:
Con las sombras dibujo mundos.
Disipo mundos con las sombras.

... and as we were talking last night i told you where i think the shadow of my psyche flourishes. I have this urge to create, and be productive everyday. An obsession perhaps. And when i don't... I feel my day has been wasted.
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