Thursday, November 1


" Mom before she was Mom", acrylic (2009)

A month or so ago, i was able to recover a considerable amount of my "lost" artwork from my aunt's house. These stored items had been in her basement since 2009 when my mom moved back to california. Needless to say, the recent rediscovery of my past possessions has been inspiring since i had to mentally let go of everything when i left. A few of my upcoming posts will be sharing some of these findings. This painting in particular is one of my favorites because it was the first thing I created after completing a semester in Philly for design. I enjoyed making it since I knew it wasn't going to get critiqued, analyzed, and disposed of its integrity by people who don't enjoy anything. I never could see the point in art critiques because i don't make art with the intention of satisfying others, i do it because its both invigorating and necessary. Sometimes we create imperfect things, but that in itself is extremely therapeutic.

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