Wednesday, April 16



The Leisure Lost* - Reverie Sound Revue

Sunday, April 13

Project 3: TRANSI(en)T


adj lasting only for a short time; impermanent.


noun the carrying of people, goods, or materials from one place to another.

Transi(en)t. print (44'x44') An Exploration in large format printing
I’m very interested in the passage of time and how things change as a function of it. A bus stop is a very special place because while it is a permanent structure, its sole purpose is to house people who have no intent to stay. The average person might stand at a bus stop for five to fifteen minutes, and then they are on their way. In a span of thirty minutes I witnessed the coming and going of hundreds of strangers, the majority of which were so absorbed in motion that they barely noticed me or the camera.

Time itself has many effects on our perception and mind. Memories come in disjointed fragments, yet we know that we were present throughout the constant passage of time. I wanted my piece to exemplify this idea in its structure. I wanted to challenge the concept that a photograph can capture only an instant. In a way, the image is actually a study in time travel.

Additional Thoughts:
Seeing my print in person was an interesting experience since I used my laptop to edit the photograph and it's size was limited to the resolution of the screen. I was pleased to see the image displayed almost as big as me. The people were nearly life size and small details caught my attention much more than on screen (like the man on the far right covering his face). After critiques, i agree that i would like to see the print cut out in a circle to represent the continuity of time. While there is a framed circle in the printed image, it is almost invisible (i've edited the digital image to show how it would look with white space).

I also discussed how i enjoyed the misalignment of the individual slices of time because it gives the image a mosaic feel. However, i agree with comments from class that the horizontal bar yields the photo a necessary resting point for the eyes to recover from the surrounding chaos. In a way it recalls the chaos of motion as people scramble to the bus, in comparison to the stability of the actual bus stop.

Tuesday, March 11

Eyes of a Blue Dog. (B.E.D)

Artist Statement:
"It was then that I remembered the usual thing, when I said to her: 'Eyes of a blue dog.' Without taking her hand off the lamp she said to me: 'That. We'll never forget that.' She left the orbit, sighing: 'Eyes of a blue dog. I've written it everywhere.'" G.Garcia Marquez

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that you were sure it was real? A brief moment of deja vu as you went through your daily motions (Or perhaps it was more along the lines of Jamais vu -- the almost but not quite recognition of a stranger)? Dreams are elusive like that, and still to this day we do not know why we dream.

But lets say it were possible to meet your soul-mate while you were asleep. When you opened your eyes would you disregard those moments as a product of REM sleep, or would you seek that person out amongst a world of strangers?

Whenever I read Eyes of a Blue Dog I start to wonder, What if we're all characters in someone else's dream? Who are the strangers in mine? And what would I do if I recognized them in reality?